Nass Kalip is mold makers’ partner company. We always research solution products for the mold makers to make their work easier and their quality of products higher. We also deliver the products they need in the fastest way possible.

For the optimisation of molds and the enjection stages, we need to use the right product primarily. The product needs to be mounted right, and needs to work in the right values at the enjection stages.

If there’s anything wrong with those stages, that part is the weakest circle of the chain and the quality of the products reduce.

Nass Kalip company has the knowledge of mold making and enjection stages. The companies we distribute are the worldwide companies which make their own products and have their own technical assistance departments. Because of that Nass Kalip can provide the right product choice, right mounting, right usage of rates and technical support to their clients easily.  For the troubles that may happen after all that, Nass Kalip reaches out to the clients immediately and helps them with the best possible ways.

Our company keeps the bestseller products in its stock. The transportation period fort he stock products is on the same day.

Air valves, ball guidance bushes,  hydraulic cylinder o-ring, seals kits, cooling plugs are our products in stock.

For the products that are not in stock, we can deliver them to our clients in 2-3 days at least, 3-4 weeks at most. The clients do not pay for the delivery.